Challenge Copenhagen

Copenhagen. What an amazing weekend. Top results all round for athletes coached and guided by Endurance Sports Coaching at Challenge Copenhagen.

Congratulations to Will Poole (10:43), Phil Denny(12:24), Martin Kilb (10:04), Lizzi Bradshaw (11:50), Justin Sanderson (11:56), Heather Smee (12:55), Mike Baptie (12:44), Wendy Brown (12:07), Andrea Beetles (14:47), and Gill Llewellyn-Jones (13:12) for completing the whole event. It would be unfair to pick out individual performances as you all did so well.

In the relay Eva Kapp, Tom Bertenshaw, Kate Hughes (all bike leg), Debbie Pocock (run) and finally Tim Pocock (who was only supposed to do the swim and the bike part but joined his wife Debbie for 2/3 of the run leg as well!). Brilliant performances by everyone you make your coaches very proud.