Training Programmes

Ongoing individual sport specific coaching

Ongoing coaching takes into account your whole season from winter training to peaking for you races through to your post season recovery and round again should you wish.

Event specific packages/fixed-term coaching

Event specific packages are designed with the aim of achieving your best for the event of your choice. Whether the event is your first sprint triathlon, an ironman or maybe a marathon, fixed-term programmes are available to help coach you to your goal.
How does it work?

After an initial one-to-one consultation lasting about an hour (where possible in person) you will receive a training programme tailored to your level, goals, strengths and weaknesses. This training plan includes aims and objectives of all cycles and specific daily workouts, recommendations on strength and conditioning and all aspects of a complete training programme within your time available. Your programme is written using so that you and your coach are able to keep up to date with your latest training. Communication is then encouraged via regular phone calls, e-mail, texts and through one-to-one consultations and training sessions (additional charges may apply).
How do they work?

Fixed term-coaching works in a similar way to the rolling programme only you pick particular event as your end goal. Be it an Ironman, Half Ironman, a cyclosportive such as the Etape or any event of your choice. If wanted each programme can be supplemented with one-to-one sessions or consultations weekly, fortnightly or monthly to help you maintain your focus and hone your ability.
What are the benefits?

A coaching relationship goes beyond setting training plans, it involves getting to know and understand the people you are working with, learning how each other ticks so that the best possible performance can be obtained for the athlete. Open ended coaching allows this relationship to develop naturally and at an appropriate pace and with the best results.
What are the benefits?

Event specific packages allow the athlete to commit to build up to one or several events close to each other without the ongoing commitment of a training programme after the event.

Achieve your best then take a rest!

We recommend that athletes seeking event specific packages start 9 or at the latest 6 months before their target race, depending on what training they have completed before starting the programme.
Please e-mail to enquire about availability and costs.