Swim Technique Courses

Front Crawl Fundamentals

Our 4-week Front Crawl Fundamentals course is designed to encourage athletes to understand the basics about the technique of swimming quicker.

After being given the tools to do the job the athletes can then go away and continue to learn and improve in their own time after the course. Each week's focus is designed to allow the course to flow in a structured way while the contents, delivery and drills practised each week are based around the individual needs of those attending. For this reason numbers are kept to a maximum of 5 for each course.

The course is open to everyone willing to take an active part in their learning including those who struggle to swim 1 length of front crawl.

Focus area of each week:

Week 1. Full stroke assessment and work on body position
Week 2. Continued work on body position and leg kick
Week 3. Arm action
Week 4. Arm action

Perfect for: Swimmers who want to understand how to get faster.

Front Crawl Progression

Our 4-week Front Crawl Progression course is designed to tweak technique and direct swimmers front crawl with plenty of practise time and coach interaction.

This small group technique session will allow you to review your technique ask the questions about what to do next and give you plenty of practise time and opportunity to ask the questions you don't get time to in your usual club sessions.

The course is open to everyone who wants to take the next step with their swim technique.

The course's structure on a week to week basis is designed completely around the athletes attending. This means that each athlete can work on their own individual areas of improvement and will get to work hard at the same time.

Perfect for: Swimmers stuck in a rut.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7-8pm

Location: Bristol University Swimming Pool

Cost: 65

Next course begins: Tuesday 23 April 2013

Day: Monday

Time: 7-8pm

Location: Bristol University Swimming Pool

Cost: 65

Next course begins: February 2013