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Sophisticated yet easy to use, Suunto Training devices lead in accuracy with real-world features that help athletes and fitness enthusiasts maximize the benefit of every workout. Centered around a proprietary heart rate monitor, the Suunto system measures heart rate, the intervals between heart beats, and the fluctuation between intervals. This data yields near-laboratory-accurate information on the true training effect of your workout, guiding you toward optimal fitness without over or under-training


Pyrénées Multisport is a sports holiday company based in the foothills of the French Pyrénées. The centre is run by Ian and Julie Wright who live in the Pyrénées all year round and they have got to know the area very well. They act as hosts and guides for all the activities and their enthusiasm for cycling and triathlon shows through with the fantastic holidays and routes that they have designed. is your ideal online training diary. It combines an easy to use planning feature with a diary function and the ability to download files from your training support devices. There is a forum for all your questions and queries and access to specific training plans written by the coaches who use the site. For more details please visit the site. have the full range of power meters available to buy and rent wither as a unit on it's own or if part of a hub based system built into a wheel. Cyclepowermeters offer a 10% discount to athletes coached by Endurance Sports Coaching on rental power meters and offer other discounts on power meter purchase. For more information please contact Andy on the address below.

Bike Science provide the ultimate in bike fitting. Using the Retul 3-D motion capture system Andy at Bike Science will fit your bike to you for what ever distance race you are looking to compete in.