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At Endurance Sports Coaching our mission is to create success with stamina. Through the five key areas of commitment, teamwork, patience, creativity and trust we help athletes create an environment best suited for them to develop into the athlete they want to be. If you would like to read a more in-depth thoughts on my philosophy please go to my blog.

Commitment – Earn the right

A dream goal starts as just that, the seed of an idea in your mind, or the image of success in front of your eyes.  Remembering that things worth having rarely come for free, hard work and commitment is required to reach your goal both when things go well and not so well. Committing to the process and working hard earns you the right to make your dream a reality.

Teamwork - ...if you want to go far, go together

Athletes employ coaches to help guide them, advise them and encourage them however, at Endurance Sports Coaching, coach-athlete relationships are multi-directional. Getting the best out of an athlete means listening, sharing and decision-making together with all those in the athlete's team. Think of it more like mentoring with the aim of making everyone involved better people.

Patience - One step at a time

Physiological development is not a straight line.  There are good days and those not so good; however with more good days, improvements will come.  Sometimes improvements are slow, often slower than desired but, by doing the basics well; working on those areas within your control and accepting that excellence takes time to achieve, improvements will come.

Creativity - Creating the appropriate challenge

In a sport where repetition is essential, it is important to bring creativity to training. Approaching the same training in different ways, creating a fun, positive and supportive environment and challenging athletes in different ways are all important when trying to get the best out of yourselves and others. 

trust – Trust the process                                                   

There is a reason why a particular direction is chosen and the better directions are those usually chosen with calm heads. When times get tough and emotions start to influence your thinking it’s worth just checking back in, reminding yourself why the decision was made in the first place and then trusting the process; it was put there for a good reason!

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