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Success with Stamina

At Endurance Sports Coaching the aim is to provide Success with Stamina: the ability to feel like you are continually improving in your sport. By highlighting five elements I believe are at the heart of performance and sharing five key coaching principles that guide how a coach-athlete relationship is developed, it is possible to understand both ‘what’ it takes for an athlete to be at their best on any given day and ‘how’ we are going to get there.

The five elements: physiology, psychology, technical and neuromuscular strength, tactical understanding and finally, an athlete’s lifestyle, all play their part in building the best possible performance. The extent to which these elements play a part are individual and will vary for each athlete depending on the time of year, their current strengths and weaknesses and their ultimate goals in the sport. This creates a highly dynamic network of opportunities, areas to work on and goals to achieve. In short, it allows understanding of ‘what’ it takes to achieve and therefore, ‘what’ needs be worked on.

The other part of the equation is the ‘how’. How do we go about making the ‘what’ happen? Here, the following five coaching principles guide, ‘how’ the ‘what’ is coached Commitment, teamwork, patience, creativity and trust are all highly valued qualities either present from the start or prioritized to develop quickly in order to create the best possible working relationship between a coach and an athlete.

Ultimately, these two areas combined are very powerful and allow both the coach and athlete to move forward ensuring there truly is success with stamina.

In this series of blogs, I’ll explain how I understand each of the five elements and use five key coaching principles, in greater detail than on the website, to help you understand more about me as a coach and hopefully you might learn a bit to!

Should you like what you read and want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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