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Success with Stamina - Athlete Achievements

Jon Waring

Jon has made a big step up in his Functional Threshold Power in the last 12 weeks. In the first 12 months of the year Jon has managed to improve his FTP by 10% through a combination of steady aerobic work and focussed turbo sessions designed to improve his lactate threshold on the bike. Jon has limited time with which to train as he runs his own business as well as being a Dad and a husband. This results in a routine which consists of two to three bike sessions a week, the first is a longer aerobic development session (about 3 hours) ridden at a 'steady' effort around 65-75% of FTP, the second has been a high intensity session which varies between 105 and 150% of his current FTP. The third session (if time permitted) would vary depending on Jon's readiness to train and might be either an aerobic session or another high intensity session completed on the turbo. In addition to this Jon spent a week on our training camp which allowed a great bike volume for 7 days. Underlying the whole 12-week period was Jon's ability to train and recover consistently in a disciplined fashion and clearly it has paid off!

Jon's Favourite Set:

A main set of:

10 repetitions of

2 minutes at 120% FTP followed by 2 minutes easy

Simple but effective!

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