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Success with Stamina - The How - 3

The philosophy behind how I work is arguably more important that what is done. To some this might be a strange statement. This is not to say that what is done is not important it is however, how we go about what we do that has a big effect on the quality of what is done. The better we do what we do, the better the outcome we can achieve.

This is the last in a series of three blogs which look at five key characteristics that I believe help develop not only a strong coach-athlete relationship but also contribute heavily to a strong performance in your chosen events. They are shown by me in the way that I work and the more you are able to show them in your attitude the better we are likely to be working together.

Athletes working with each other to develop bike skills


What is it?

The ability for the coach and the athlete to know, understand and believe that the actions of each is with the intention of improving the end performance of the athlete.

How is it shown?

Open and honest communication go a long way to building trust. Being honest with ourselves and each other leads to a stronger commitment to finding the best way forwards and believing that the chosen methods are appropriate for that athlete at that time.

What makes it important to me?

As a coach I need to know that the training being set is being carried out with the same intensity, enthusiasm and commitment with which it is written. Athletes need to know and believe that the direction of the plan and what being set on a day-to-day basis is appropriate and going to move the ability of the athlete forwards closer to their target performance.

Without trust the coach-athlete relationship becomes meaningless and is very unlikely to be productive.

Whilst all of these five characteristics are important to me in a coach athlete relationship they are not the complete story. There will always be other characteristics that I want to see in athletes and it is quite likely that these will vary from one athlete to the next however, the five mentioned here are the ones that have been with me the longest and that I expect will be with me for some time to come.

If, after reading these blogs you would like to know more about about my coaching services please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact page on the website.

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