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National Duathlon Championships

Sam Pictor crossing finishing line

The National Duathlon Championships are the curtain raiser for the Youth and Junior Superseries every year and this year a good number of athletes from the South West Academy went along to test our their winter bike and run training. Competition here is usually strong and the South West athletes did not disappoint putting in strong performances and like those racing in Quarteira (see other post), learnt plenty to take forward to future races.

In the senior event Sam Pictor had a very successful race finishing 5th in the elite event. Sam’s main focus for the year is middle distance triathlons and to be able to perform to his potential in these events he needs to work hard on his swimming, which he has been doing however, the aerobic fitness gained from doing a large volume of training in the water is obviously working well for his running too. His 14:32 first 5Km split, which is a PB for him, shows his progression over the winter which is on top of what is being seen in the pool and on his bike. Now we just need to make sure this progress continues!

Sam Pictor on bike

Photo credits: NiceTrievents

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