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The Purpose of Portugal

Last weekend I was asked by Triathlon England to travel to Portugal along with Crawford Whyte from Triathlon Scotland and support athletes on the English, Welsh and Scottish Talent Squads during their first race of the season. For the athletes this was a great opportunity to see how their winter training has been going and to see what might need sharpening up ahead of when the UK season starts properly in May. For coaches it is good to understand the standard of racing and the approaches of other countries at ETU Cup level for both junior and senior races. This is particularly relevant for work in regional academies where we need to prepare athletes to be able to race at the next level again

Time for a turbo? Add a skill or two.

Riding a turbo can be a pleasure or a bit of a pain however, to avoid each and every session becoming just turning the wheels there are a few skills you can focus on within a session to help improve your pedal action. Add these into your programme for short intervals at the start and then try to maintain the technique for as long as possible for the rest of the session. Slow pedalling Purpose: Allows development of a smooth, continuous and complete pedal cycle. How do I do it? Increase the resistance on your bike by changing gear or using a resistance setting on your turbo so that you slow your leg speed. Slowing your leg speed gives you the extra time needed to think through the whole ped

Cold and icy outside? Time to take the bike inside...

With the recent bad weather forcing more training time inside on a turbo here is a short blog with a few considerations for when you do your turbo sessions. Increased heat Not having the air constantly pass you means you get hotter. If your turbo is outside or in an outer building (garage) then you may wish to wear layers of clothing you can take off bit by bit as you get hotter. If inside you may need to turn off the heating and strip down to small amounts of clothing. Having a fan or two near by is really useful to help keep the air moving around you. Hydration With the increase in body temperature and the extra sweating it is always important to make sure you are drinking enough during

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